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How to buy VeriCoin with PayPal?

December 11, 2016
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Step by step:

1. Go to
2. Getting started:
3 Select one of the four levels of verification and contact: [email protected].
(Level 1 – daily purchase limit of ~$15, minimum $3 )
Verification time – a few minutes to several hours
This is a one-time activity. This allows you to use the services (affiliate):

a. Dogecoin:
b. Reddcoin:
c. Darkcoin:

Each service is the ability to purchase Cryptocurrency through Paypal.

Step 4. Example demo: Paypal to Vericoin (via weselldoges and shapeshift)

(The same method: Reddcoin:, Darkcoin: – servis known to us.
Company is a registered US LLC and a Federal MSB registration # 31000058263889.



From Paypal to wallet VRC in 5-10 minutes.
(without the hassles of exchanges and multi-day waits)


CryptoCurrency exchange requires two web services almost simultaneously.
It is not easy for a beginner.

Service would be ideal – PayPal directly to VRC.:)
What do you think?