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White Papers

PoST White Paper

December 11, 2016


A purely distributed consensus in an efficient digital currency would enable a nearly instant
and nearly free transaction system across the globe; independent of border, nation,
government or bank.

We herein propose a time-accepted nonlinear consensus that maintains the efficiencies of Proof-of-Stake, while increasing the distribution and security of the consensus system with a diminishing probability to find a proof and receive reward over time. This is achieved via a periodic time-acceptance function that is proportional to the coins held and relative to network strength. This time-acceptance model ensures that relatively active staking maximizes reward and probability to form consensus via proof. This incentivizes direct and active protection of the network. Furthermore, voluntary participation in the network is driven by an inflation targeted interest rate that is inversely proportional to network strength. This increasingly rewards nodes which consistently reinforce network security. This is in addition to a time-diminishing inflation rate that is proportional to network strength and active participation in reaching consensus, and relative to the Proof-of-Work distributed initial supply. A combination of costs and rewards favors direct participation in the protection of the consensus, providing enhanced security, equability, and distribution of both consensus and currency over time.

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